Friday, 30 March 2018

Cien // Grocery Clerk

I joined the military out of desperation when I was only 17. I had left as soon as I legally could, but I soon found myself jaded after being used by the rich at the expense of millions of other poor people in countries which the United States terrorized. I soon found myself in civilian life in the same position. Doing backbreaking labor in exchange for starvation wages.

One of my first jobs after the military was at a grocery store. The waste there was sickening to me. I could barely pay my rent, fill my fridge, or afford the booze or weed I was using to self-medicate. We would throw out loads of fruit, vegetables, bread, and cans of food. So I started stealing from work. I soon found that, although I was still suffering under suffocating poverty; my friends and I had full fridges. Shortly afterward I met friends who described me the exploitative nature of the capitalists and their lackeys and I've never looked back. Every job I get I always look for ways to throw a wrench in their machine. We can only be free when we fight back! Keep monkey-wrenching!