I’d like your tales of slowing down, bungling work, wildcat strikes, sleeping on the job, stealing (back) time, money or resources, pranks, bossnapping - anything that makes life harder for those that make life harder for you.

Please send words and pictures to No story is too big or small, and everything will be anonymised. All I need is:
  • A first name - real or made up
  • The job - you can be specific if it won’t get you in trouble, but something as vague as Shop Assistant or Administrator is fine too
  • The story itself - any printable media, but please keep writing to a 500 word maximum and pictures/photos no bigger than A5 (B/W or colour)
Stories will be posted online to start with, with a physical copy to follow once I’ve got enough material. Unfortunately I can’t pay contributors, but you’ll receive a copy of the zine once it’s printed. If you've got a story but can't get it on paper, please get in touch and I'll help any way I can.

The project will be ongoing so please keep sending stories over!